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provides a grim realist adult reinterpretation on 20 common children toys. 

PLAYTHING explores and portrays these children toys through written musings and illustration, exploring major themes where Society is the master while the reader serves as Society's PLAYTHING.


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I told her, "Let's leave things to the fate proposed by the universe"

Then I realised a reply yet unspoken, "But you too are part of the universe, are you not?"

The narrative could go have gone either way.


Well, I guess it depends on who's saying it, right?

Am I the fateweaver or am I woven? Am I doing Clotho’s deed, to some capacity?


I wish her sisters were here to tell me so. Is this a dialogue or a mere monologue who lies deep within the enclaves of my grey matter.

However grey this conversation may be, lies the truth that fates are all half sewn to some extent, as romantic as the concept of destiny may be.



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How I became a sticker album:

When I was young, I owned a sticker album. These albums contain stickers that are appreciated for their cuteness, and cartoon character they portray. I remember being proud of my collection.

Stickers start to mean something different, as you progress a couple of years later. They are only given when you receive an award, a star sticker, “Good Job”, etc

Give it 2 decades or more, it’ll be something else. I have became the sticker album. Embodying the societal labels placed upon you. Receiving stickers I didn’t know I held. It’s no longer a choice collection. It’s society’s choice on your label. Even fruits have stickers to label their origin. Not all apples are the same, but their categories houses them within a fruity guild of sorts.

Maybe stickers are arguably decorative. If so, are we merely “ornaments” sitting lifelessly within the world’s living room? Ought I be proud of the album I’ve become today?


TOYS 2-04.png

“There are 5 cats”

Numbers were once interacted with for learning purposes. Nothing more than additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. There are 5 cats. Something to make sense of what you see in the world, a crucial fragment to communication when it comes to the everyday. It was simple and untainted.

“There could be a deduction of



As an adult, numbers become a sign of quantifiability. Gone is the naive nature of numbers one had as a child.


Chances of survival, time left after an incurable disease, the amount of money one has lost in a bad investment, time of death, lottery numbers and the money lost to gambling.

The beautiful colors once assigned to these wooden number toys are now the antithesis of those bright colors of the rainbow. The vibrance of Red one had experienced as a child, is a whole lot different as an adult. Losses are always reflected in the shade of apple.


TOYS 2-03.png

There are some ships of yours in life that will be sunk. They will range from the size of a nameless raft to the Titanic.

Marine Liner (Titanic):

Family death


Ferry: Major physical Illness / Near Death experience Cabin


Cruiser: Losing all my savings/money


Yacht: Drifted apart with a good friend Boat: Broken up with someone


Raft: Failed Math in an exam

We all face calamities in life of varying magnitudes.


These “ships” exist in our “sea” (Life), But the game (of life) cannot end, without experiencing them. How many passengers are you losing for each ship sunk?

Does that memory of that sunken vessel live on in its impact of eternity or for just a short time?


You can be a winner too, but the game eventually ends. It’s hard to have all your ships been missed. It’s nearly impossible.


TOYS 2-05.png

If snakes were one day, herbivores, the fear attached to their species could be well dispelled, but still, time is necessary.

I’m terribly afraid of imaginary hisses, serpentine sounds and the sudden lunges of their necks.

Their appearances are not frightening, if they are frozen in movement, these slithering creatures can be quite a work of art to marvel upon, visually speaking.

But their carnivorous nature, I trust not. An animal works with their instincts for survival, like a living person. At the sight of one, I shall sequester.

A ladder however, a sturdy one I trust to be, a reliable friend for life.

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